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“Gray” single 2019

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“Chariot” single 2019

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Jonjosef Holland is the Sole member of Livendure. With a background in Punk and Metal, and at an early age, Jonjosef took on an affinity for writing original music and trying to capture it. His first recording was with a cassette tape recorder in a garage. At 15 he was using his parents' Macintosh with Garageband to record EPs and demos for the bands he played in, as well as his "solo project" which was quickly diverging from his Punk/Metal roots.

He has also grown to believe in the magic of storytelling; how a story has the power to lighten the burdens of a heavy heart, or even change the course of someone's life.

Jonjosef now has over a decade of experience with writing/producing music, as well as performing/touring in various bands. His intent is to focus all of his efforts into one place (Livendure); telling stories of transformation and existential angst through the medium of sound.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” - Maya Angelou

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